About the Caperton Society  ***DRAFT***

The Caperton Society is a group of like minded individuals interested in researching the Caperton Family name thru research and interaction with others. Our goal is to bring together into one place (the Society Website and Collections) as much knowledge of our Caperton Ancestors as possible. To that end this site has been continuously online since 2001. The Society was founded, Without him even realizing it, by Bernard M. Caperton. In that same way, all Caperton's are already Society Members, they have but to register on the Caperton Society Website.

Special Projects

From time to time Special Projects as deemed worthy by the Society will be undertaken. Currently there  are two projects: the DNA Project and the Book Project.

Membership Levels

It is the Goal of the society to maintain to the extent possible as much free and open access to the Caperton Society Collections as possible. As such Basic membership should always be free. It is understood however that protection from spam is important. Therefore currently there are three levels of Membership:

The Guest a non-logged in person, has access to most areas of the site with the following restrictions:

  1. No Family Tree Page access
  2. Forums are accessable but read only
  3. Society Blog is accessable but read only
  4. No Access to "Registered Only" Collections

The Caperton.info Membership has access to:

  1. Family Trees may be viewed
  2. Forums - ability to use forums
  3. Ability to upload family information
  4. Ability to upload Photos
  5. Comment on Blog
  6. Receive Newsletter
  7. Upload Gedcoms for inclusion into the site
  8. Basic DNA Information
  9. Access to "Registered Only" Collections

The Society Membership in addition to Caperton.info Membership access, has access to in addition: **NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL**

  1. Receive "The Caperton Journal" to be issued 2-4 times per year
  2. Access to "Society Membership Only" areas of the Archives - Typically hi resolution documents
  3. Subscription to The Caperton Journal
  4. Full DNA Access (DNA participants always have Full DNA access)
  5. 10% Discount on Society Publications
  6. Opportunity to rent name.Capertonsociety.org webspace and email address.
  7. Member Pin - once approved and developed!

Special Project Member Access provides access to the Project the member participating in. It does not necessarily provide access to all project areas:

  1. Allow the moderation the forum(s)
  2. Enter data into the BMC Book II- Participation earns free copy.
  3. Access to DNA Detail pages
  4. Enter Data into the DNA pages
  5. Manager/moderator of their gedcom(family Tree)