I have added two new CD Books to the CD Books page. The first one, loaned to me by Fred Bandy, is a book about the WWII era destroyer, USS Caperton as it sailed around the world during the Korean conflict. Named after Admiral William Banks Caperton, it has some great photos and stories of life aboard a destroyer.
The Second Book is also a cruise book. This book, Titled "A Squadron of the United States Navy" is about a squadron under Admiral William Banks Caperton (E-8531) and their travels around Latin America in 1917, including the flagship cruiser USS Pittsburgh and the light cruisers Frederick, Pueblo, and South Dakota. Includes sections on "growing anti-German sentiment" and a one-page reprint of an article by Herbert Quick titled "What is a Pro-German", which makes the assertion that the German government was funding the I.W.W. and other American radical groups. A great book to give you a flavor of the times the Admiral lived in.