A New Project is now underway! The Society recently came in possesson of over 400 pages of legal documents relating to Capertons. In the past one or two others would transcribe them for me (That would be Jane or Elizabeth) while I would continue to work on enhancements to the site such as census database setup and the like. With the arrival of all of this information however, we needed a larger team to help get these and many other documents the society is holding into readable form. Hence the Transcription Project was born! The Transcription team however is doing more than just transcribing old documents, one of the members of the team is currently busy updating the 1840 US Census database so that we can attach images. All of this help enables me to focus on improving the site and adding features to it that make it useful to those researching the Caperton name. So if you would like to help, I will shortly begin putting many of these legal documents on the site. Some will have already been transcribed and some will be abailable for transcription. If you see a page you would like to adopt, let me know by emailling me. And if you would like to know more about the the newest project, you can find information on it by following the "Projects" link on the top menu