I thought that would get your attention! What do those two topics have in common? well not much really other than they are two of the areas with the most activity on the Caperton Society Website! First some exciting news on the continuing Hunt for our origins. Marcia Behnke has been actively persuing the Caperton name on "across the pond" so to speak, in England, Scotland and Ireland. She has provided so much information recently that I have re-arranged the links on the Collections menu so that there is now a dedicated United Kingdom (UK) link where you will very soon be able to see the work being done in this area. In the meantime I have moved the UK census as well as an article on the Caperton name in Wells England into this section. As quickly as I am able to I will be updating this section with her information.

As for the Confederacy Angle, I have just recently received another 52 confederate solider records. This meant that the way I had been displaying the records (all on one page) was just not going to work any longer. Therefore I have split the existing records into individual pages and created a listing for them. This will make it far easier to add to in the future.