Recently a team of volunteers working on the James Caperton (B-8) Branch has come up with breakthru after breakthru on this line. This line was perhaps the most difficult and fragmented of the John Caperton sons. early on the family appeared to breakup and move off in different directions. Well now, due to the dogged search for the truth by Jane, Donna, and Gina, including more than one trip to County records, James family is beginning to give up its secrets, including Indictments for Murder!

That's right , it appears that on 6 March 1829 a Williamson County Grand Jury indicted Samuel Caperton for assaulting Thomas Cash with a 50-cent knife causing 2 mortal wounds.  A doctor was called, and he found Cash covered in blood from a number of cuts.  Cash died 3/11/1829 of his wounds. We are fairly certian that the Samuel Caperton is the son of James Caperton. This is certainly a topci worth exploring further! Any takers?

Also on the horizon is a pretty major re-alignment of the descendants of James Caperton. first the order of birth of his children will be changing, you can check out the forum for more information on that. Also if you have The Caperton Family by Bernard Caperton, If looks as though William S. Caperton (identified as D-854) will probably be changing fathers. Previously it was assumed he was the son of Samuel Caperton and now we are fairly certain that he is a son of Calloway Caperton, and no we are not changing ancestors just because of a mysterious murder!

The take home to all of the above is that a group of individuals working together has broken thru a brick wall that individually they were not able to do. If you have hit a brick wall in your Caperton research, list your problem on the forums. There may be others up against the same brick wall as you are, and with a little bit of information sharing the brick walls may fall!