So what is the value of the Caperton Society anyway when there are websites like Ancestry.com and Footnote -er Fold3.com? That is a good question! Yes it is true that record consolidator sites like Ancestry.com probably have most if not all of the records that we have here (although I know for a fact that they don't have EVERY record that we have on the Society website). Something to keep in mind however is that for nearly 10 years now, Caperton.info has been amassing tons of research on just one family - The Caperton Family.

We have in our society individuals and small groups, that have been working in collaboration for years to not only connect the dots, but also to understand the lives of our Caperton ancestors. There have been many trips to local, county and state archives by these cousins, looking for that one little piece of info, that one clue that unlocks the family secrets for a certain Caperton line. A perfect example can be found in the misdirection of Thomas Caperton (C-81) where the index found at Ancestry is not accurate. Fellow Caperton researchers had a look at the actual documents in qustion and discovered the indexing done had been incorrect! There are many other examples of having records of Caperton's but not knowing which Caperton they are. This is where your Society comes thru for you. I have never met or interacted with a Caperton cousin that did not jump at the opportunity to share what they had found on their particular line. My files are still bulging with documents and research in the queue to be scanned so that it can be placed on the Society website. This includes our most recent gift, from an incredibly kind woman, Mary C. Forister, who recently completed work on her part of the Caperton line, and the next thing I know a box containing her Caperton research shows up on my door!

In addition to all of the human resources that can be found here at the society, there has been an ongoing attempt at identifying all of the information placed on the website, in a manner that makes it easily identifiable. Every effort is made to include the Henry number for every document added to the website. This number links the document back to Bernard Caperon's The Caperton Family book. it is this simple identification method that allows you to link the the society resources to your particular family line. So don't look at it as a either or issue, look at them as complimentary, with the Society interpreting and helping you to understand what you find in your searches on the Wold Wide Web!