I have been reading a blog from one of our cousins now for quite a while and realized only lately that perhaps I should be sharing this enjoyment with others. Laurie Stone, has a great little blog called Pride of West Virginia. it can be found at www.prideofwestvirginia.org and has what I like to call the 'meat' of family history. Stories about the life and times of our ancestors, not just who they married and when they died. There is a great deal of Caperton 'life' in the pages of her blog and I encourage you to have a look at them. You can even sign up and receive the blog in you email as it is updated. The blog description in her on words: "This web site is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Billy Ugene Landreth and Joan Rowland Landreth.  Everyone who knew my parents also knew that West Virginia was Home.  Several years ago my mother and I began putting together a simple family pedigree chart.  When she became ill the project was put on hold.  After my parents passed away, I decided to complete our project in their memory."

So do not hesitate to check out her site, and let me know what you think!