I wanted to let everyone know that the DNA testing results for the comparison of the Clapperton family name to the Caperton family name is in! As most of you probably know we were able to (thanks to Marcia Behnke!) locate a Clapperton in Scotland (Thanks to Scott Clapperton!) who was willing to join and participate in the Caperton DNA Project. We have just received the results and their is a write up on the testing and history as well as the results, but I am not going to give away the plot here, so you will need to go to Collections->Our History-> Origins to see how it went!
I will say however that this is the first time the Caperton DNA Project was used as a research tool to determine a family connection! It was a great success in giving us the answer. So now I thow the challenge out to the rest of the Society, who is going to be the next to contribute DNA and benefit your research and those of others!