Well after years of research and months of formatting, the update to Bernard Capertons 'The Caperton Family' is finally here! At nearly 5800 people identified, there are over 2000 new names in this edition. Finally, the Index has been expanded to 70 pages with thousands more names making looking up your family easier than ever! This is a hard cover cloth bound book, matching the original size format of 6 x 9. Over 450 pages of Caperton Family History!

The Capertons first came to America in the 1700’s. This book traces the various Caperton families from their arrival in America down through to today. The first Caperton to America was John Caperton who married Polly Thompson. John and Polly had eight children, four sons and four daughters. Seven of these children moved west, and it is these adventurous people and their families who were in the forefront of the Western migration and settlement of America. Capertons have been leaders in almost every facet of American life; including Senators, Admirals and Colonels. In 1792 George Washington even nominated Hugh Caperton as a Captain in the new Army he was forming! With Bernard M. Caperton’s The Caperton Family, as a starting point, virtually every section has been revised and expanded. Additional sections include the life and times of several descendants including the Life of James Kelly and Hugh Caperton; a treatment on the Capertons of St. Cuthbert Parish in Wells, Sommerset England; a history of Elmwood mansion; and a look at the advances of DNA testing and what it means to tracing Capertons.

The Book is available on the Caperton Society WebStore so please check it out.

This basically explains why so little has been updated on the website, as all of my free time lately has been devoted to completing the book. However, shortly I will be providing information on the future of the site. I have quite a few upgrades planned for the site, that I think will be of help to all those research the Caperton name. The one thing that will not change however is that there will STILL BE NO ADVERTISING!!! I have managed 15 years without advertising and I wear that like a badge of honor!