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The Society now has a new home! The Caperton Society has been hosted by White Rose Web Design at no cost to us for over 12 years now and I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality! they have been marvelous. The owner however, after nearly 25 years in the business, (yes the internet has really been around that long!) is retiring and moving on to a new adventure. This initially posed a challenge as I had gotten quite used to White Rose 'taking care of business' as it were. After some significant research we now have a new home which, while no longer free, is very reasonable and should be a long-term solution whch again the owner of White Rose was fantastic in assisting with the decision making process! Once the move was sorted out, I began creating a new website that would be easier for me to manage and update.

New in the UK Records Collections are three new databases: UK Births; UK Marriages; and UK Deaths. As of now the first 9 records have been uploaded and are available. Actual images of the documents are soon to follow. The exciting part of these records is how far back they reach. There are UK records uploaded that date back to the 16oo's !!!

Several of you have reached out to me to let me know that you were having trouble logging in. This has varied from just not having access to the Collections all the way up to getting 404 category does not exist errors. It took a while to figure out the issue but with the help of one of our newest cousins Diane M. I was able to track down the problem and fix it. Turns out a recent update caused endless grief in the database. I have now repaired the databse table that was the culprit and I "THINK" everything is cleaned up and operating correctly. So, if you are still having problems please let me know and I will get right on it!