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Ordinarily I simply release new collections as I complete the process of entering the scans into the database and creating the website database. One of my earlier collections was the WWI Draft Cards. From the beginning I was never particularly pleased with the way it worked, but since I had so many other collections to get online I always saved updating the WWI Draft Card Collection for later. Well its later! The new collection has many changes over the original one, I have made all new

The 1830 Census images are back online. there is now a new method of accessing them. previously the access resulted in a new page popping up which looked kind of clunky. now the entire 1830 census has a cleaner interface and the images are available at the bottom of

I have added a new collection - The 4th Draft of WWII consists of the images as well as exrated information from 44 documents, recording the draft of 22 Caperton's. In 1942, the Selective Service initiated a “Fourth Registration” of the draft. Unlike other drafts for World War II, however, this one targeted older men not for military service but for help on the home front. Known as the “Old Man’s Draft” because it targeted men 45-64 years of age, the registration officially took place on April 27, 1942, at local draft boards around the country. It was intended to provide the  government with a register of manpower, men who might be eligible for national service.