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I have begun adding passort applications to the Vital Records section of the Collections. These applications frequently contained the names and birthdates of fathers, mothers, spouses etc. They also contained interesting tidbits like where the applicant was going or trying to come back from as well as their photograph! for those of you into Google Earth, many of the applications have home adresses, so if you are interested in seeing where your ancestors lived then you can google the address. but don't be surprised if their house is a high rise or a freeway. I have searched several of the addresses and it appears that our ancestors frequently grew up on land that has now become re-developed. I hope to have the complete collection posted over the next several weeks.
The Site may appear to have little to no activity, but I promise behind the scenes I have been working hard to upgrade the database that drives the Collections found on this website. Previously, I was using a database that was linked into the website. This allowed me quite a bit of design flexibility but there were may weak links to this method. one of these weak links was the ability to break the database table out of the iframe it was in, exposing the database to login issues. The new desing actually generates the tables you see from within the existing website creating a more stable and secure webpage.
Other upgrades include cleaning up the glitches that some of you have seen in the forums, and an ongoing effort to update pages and links that stopped working when I recently upgraded the site.
There has always been a significant segment of Caperton researchers that felt we were somehow related to the Clapperton name in England. The similarity in spelling certainly cannot be ignored. Over the years much has been talked about but very little could be done about it. Well, that is about to change! Thanks to DNA and Marcia Behnke! Marcia contacted me back the middle of May to let me know that