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Well another great "App" has finally hit end of life. Joaktree is the app that I have used on the Society website to display the family trees submitted by members for about a decade now. the creator of Joaktree stopped updating it several years ago but it was not until recently when I changed the version of PHP that it simply became to unstable to continue using. Niels Van Dantzig developed Joaktree at least as far back as 2013. However, he stopped development following his release for Joomla! 3.x. Joaktree continued on until I updated PHP after which time Joaktree stopped working correctly and had to be removed from the website.

So, Whats next?

Well, that has been a tough nut to crack. There is really only one other genealogy program that is available for Joomla! It is called SIMGenealogy. SIMGenealogy is fine as far as it goes. It is mainly designed to produce pedigrees for Joomla! but the interface is a little too cluttered for my taste, and just doesn't compare, to Joaktree. Currently I am evaluating an app that will allow me to convert RootsMagic webpages to the Joomla! format, including the links. If this works out we would lose the pedigree portion that Joaktree provided but would ultimately generate a more detailed look at the family trees so many of you have submitted. It is however a fairly pricey app so I want to make sure that it will work for us before I invest. So please stay tuned, I think the family trees submitted are an important part of the information on the website so I will eventually find a way to get them back online. Stay tuned!

We have a new reprint in the Store! I have completed work on a reprint of "The Killing of Adam Caperton" it is a paperback reprint of the 1918 book by William A. Gordon Jr. it is 96 pages and includes 11 photos. This book was previouslykac thumbnail available when the Society was selling CD versions of beeks, but had never made it to the printed version until now! it is in the standard 6 x 9 format of most of the other reprint from the society including Bernard M. Capertons "The Caperton Family". Also like other reprints the price is based on the cost to produce. In this case you can pick up a copy for only $14.00 + shipping. Which..... is a great segway into-

New Shipping Rate Added to Store.
We have now been able to include a more economical shipping method! It has always bothered me that a relatively inexpensive reprint would cost as much if not more to ship as it did to buy, but I had never been able to work out a shipping method that was available in PayPal or did not require an excessive amount of work on my part to ship (like stand in line at the post office). Now however I am able to ship via Media Mail, which is significantly less expensive that Priority Mail that was the only method available previously. As an example Media Mail rate for the Killing of Adam Caperton is just $3.50, compared to $7.50 via Priority Mail. Now this price does come at a cost! Media Mail is one of the slowest shipping methods available via USPS, so make sure you are not in a hurry for the book when you order, but if you do use Media Mail you will certainly save money! if you want to look into the new shipping calculator, just add some items to your cart, then click on Pay without paypal and put in your state and zipcode (you don't need to put in anything else to get the shipping costs). You should then be able click on the shipping dropdown to see the differences in shipping.

Adjusted Book Prices
I have also gone thru and adjusted the prices of books based on what the printer is now charging the Society. most (not all) of the paperback prices went down slightly while the Hardback USS Caperton War Diary book went down significantly so that I was able to not only lower the price but also include Free Shipping. I left the old prices on the website with a line thru them so everyone can see the savings. 

janecjohnsonOn January 30. 2018 Rev. Jane Caperton Johnson passed away. She had been fighting cancer for a number of years. Jane was a pastor at the Smithville Texas Presbyterian Church. Jane more than any other cousin of mine had been both a mentor and a great "genealogy" friend to me for over 20 years. She was a tireless reasearcher for the James B-8 Caperton line and instrumental in sorting out the Calloway line. I cant even count the number of documents she transcribed and sent to me. Jane was also great at interpreting legal documents, reading between the lines and figuring out what was realy going on. As I look back on the emails we exchanged and the documents we sent each other. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to know her. She will be missed.