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The Caperton Society Website is based on the Joomla! Content Management System. I have been working with Joomla! for a number of years and have grown to really like Joomla! Additionally, my sponsor White Rose Web Design, uses Joomla! for virtually all of their websites so there is a built in support system when I need help! The version I am currently using (1.5) will reach End Of Life in April of 2012. The new version (2.5) is significantly different and does not use the same components I have built the site up with over the years.

In a recent discussion with a fellow cousin, the conversation inevitably turned towards various websites that were not dislaying the a) same; b) correct; c) newest - information about our Caperton line as their research has determined. The concerns by my cousin reminded me how long I have been doing this "Web Thing". It reminded me of when I first started Caperton.info (nearly 10 years ago) and how important it was for me to have the most absolute current and accurate data about the Caperton name. The problem was that just about every Caperton site that I went to had "Different" information and it was just about impossible to figure out who was right, particulalry when it involved lines I really knew nothing about!

So what is the value of the Caperton Society anyway when there are websites like Ancestry.com and Footnote -er Fold3.com? That is a good question! Yes it is true that record consolidator sites like Ancestry.com probably have most if not all of the records that we have here (although I know for a fact that they don't have EVERY record that we have on the Society website). Something to keep in mind however is that for nearly 10 years now, Caperton.info has been amassing tons of research on just one family - The Caperton Family.