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Recently a team of volunteers working on the James Caperton (B-8) Branch has come up with breakthru after breakthru on this line. This line was perhaps the most difficult and fragmented of the John Caperton sons. early on the family appeared to breakup and move off in different directions. Well now, due to the dogged search for the truth by Jane, Donna, and Gina, including more than one trip to County records, James family is beginning to give up its secrets, including Indictments for Murder!

The 1840 Census including images is now available for use! there are 28 entries along with matching images. The 1840 census only listed the head of house by name, but it did list the ages and sex of those living there. by clicking the magnifier icon to the left of the row, you will bring up a new screen with all of the extracted information from the census page. Initially I have added the Caperton households and will add the "In-laws" down the road. I have also included in the record the Henry number of the head of household where known. This brings to 4 the number of censuses WITH images available to registered members. The 1850 Census is next!

We are now officially at 1000 original Caperton Related source recods online here at the Caperton Society! 1044 to be exact! That does not include all of the extracted or transcribed records either. This is a great milestone and one I am pretty excited about. I want to thank everyone who has donated records and transcription effort to the cause. and whatever you do, DON'T Stop! keep sending records and transcriptions to me. Sometimes it takes a while for me to get them up to the website but I do try to get everything up as quickly as I can. If there is an area or areas of records that you feel I am overlooking and you would like me to dig deeper into it, make a comment to this blog and let me know what you would like to see.