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We are now the Caperton Society! As a result of feedback and encouragement of so many of you, The site, which never really had a name to begin with, is now the home of "The Caperton Society". This site was started in 2002 and had about 3 pages which included a page on the USS Caperton. I always just called it "Caperton.info". In the last year the site has grown dramatically and is providing research assistance to more and more Capertons all the time. So it made sense to formalize the role of this site as a center for Caperton research.

So what does it mean to be "a society" ? You tell me! I have an idea of what I would like, which is to enable others to participate in the site, but let me hear from you about what role you would like this new Society to play in the Caperton surname. In the meantime and as the site continues to evolve, I want to thank all of you who continue to donate information and documents to me to add to the website! you cannot imagine how excited I get when I check the email and there is new information there waiting to be added to the site! Keep it up!

I have added a couple more pages to the site to let you know a bit about the site. The first and most interesteing page is probably the "Whats Available" page. This can be found in the footer menu and is a constantly updated page of what kind and how many records and documents are available. There is also an "About" page in the same footer menu that begins to describe he functions f the new society. ***HOWEVER*** this is just a draft and is subject to change, based on input from all of you!

I have just finished updating the database and uploading images of the WWI Registration Cards for Capertons that registered in WWI. These 139 images combined with the 141 extracted records in the database brings the total records and images to over 1000 at Caperton.info! However I still have a considerable number of documents to scan and add to the site so don't think I am done yet!

I have just added over 50 documents to the At War Collection. Check out the menu link called "Confederate Records". These pages are documents of military files for specific Capertons who fought in the Civil War. They provide great information on perhaps half a dozen Capertons, some of it quite detailed. I have not yet extracted these records so if you are interested in helping out with the extraction please email me and I can set you up. I believe I have the right Henry numbers assigned to them but if you have a correction please let me know asap. Some of you may also have noticed that I have added the 1830 Census to the census databases, however there is only one name in it. I have the list, as well as the census images, and will update as soon as time permits.