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I have started a new page for one of John Caperton's daughters, Nancy. Gay Nix has done considerable research on this line and has graciously shared her research so that others will benefit. In the near future I hope to be able to add scanned images of original source documents as well as additional information as it comes to light.

Well Here it is! the new and improved Caperton.info website! This is the 4th version of the website since its inception and I must say it has really come a long way from v.1

This new site runs on vastly newer technology, providing me with the ability to update, edit delete all at a much faster pace. Initially I have focused on moving onto the new platform which did take a tremendous effort. As a result I have not been as prompt with the updates and emails as I probably should have been and for that I apologize. However, now that we are online with v.4 things should start happening much quicker. I am hard at work rolling FamilyTreeDNA's new look into the site, I will be able to allow authors to publish to their own pages, and even allow others to update maintain their own photogalleries and family trees!

The software I am using for the family trees has taken a huge leap forward. In the previous site I was using RetrospectGDS, which, while I really enjoyed, it has not been updated in years and looks like even the developer has abandoned it. I have moved onto PhpGedView, which provides a HUGE number of benefits. Go have a look on the Online Histories to see for yourself.

I have added two new sections to the Archives. First, I have begun transcribing my collection of Caperton Wills. I have collected many over the years, quite a few of which contain genealogically significant information. The first two wills have been transcribed and are available in the Vital Records section.

I have also added a "Books by and about" Caperton's. This listing will cover books of significance that relate to Caperton's. This listing can be found in the In Writing section