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I am still working on some of the database links, but already I have begun pushing up new information. I have added two online histories. One from Ruth Dunlop on her William Steenbergen line (which I had WAY too long) and a more recent one from Michael Stephen on his David Augustus Caperton line. I have also added a corrections page. Many people over the years have sent me corrections to the book by Bernard Caperton "The Caperton Family" which I will now begin posting on this page. I have also added a couple more pictures which were on the old photogallery before it was attacked. A couple of you have also sent me DNA information which I will add to the DNA section just as soon as I can. The next major component will be the subscription page where you will be able to sign up so that you can be notified of new additions to the site.

I have finished entering the Caperton's found in the England 1871 Census into the database. You can see this list by clicking on Census UK and selecting 1871.

The new and improved version of caperton.info is now online! This new version includes a new look and an improved user interface. Also new is the use of Retrospect-GDS to generate the online family histories. I will be going over the links and adding missing information over the next week or so and then I will add additional information that has been backing up for several months!