Visit this Blog to keep track of whats' happening on this site, and anything else I may have on my mind!. The Blog is open to all to view (including the comments), however, you must be a registered member to add a comment on the entries. Registration helps me to fight spam.

The new forum is now up and running. The old forum used software that was extremely suseptable to spamming and attacks. The new forum software, by Simple Machine Forums is considerably more user friendly and will make it easier for me to stop spam attacks. Anyone will be able to view the forum, but you will need to register to add entries

I have found a new format for displaying the online histories. Perviously I used the website generation capabilites of Personal Ancestral File. Recently I have discovered a new software called Retrospect-GDS. I have just completed moving all of the online histories onto the new software and think it provides a much improved user interface over the old style. Let me know what you think.

The New photogallery is now online! The old software (Image Arcadia) I used for the original photogallery is no longer supported. I have rebuilt the gallery using Coppermine. So far I really like Coppermine which uses a template style allowing me to customize the "look and Feel" of the gallery to make it look like it is actually a part of the website.