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I want to let everyone know that over the next few weeks the new version of Caperton.info will be rolled out. I have been working with the designer on a new "improved" site. Don't worry all the information that is available know will also be on the new site! I will be moving the site to a new server which will provide me with the ability to use php and MySQL databases. This is important as it will allow me to update and add to the information on the site without having to have my designer redeisgn individual pages. For you techies out there I will be setting up an RSS feed, and using numerous php scripts including PhpGedView, Coppermine, pLog, and phpBB which promises to make the site much more user friendly. Though I have been scripting in cgi for several years now and the Caperton.info site has numerous custom and hacked scripts (the image gallery is an extreme example of this) the backlog of data that I wish to push up to the site forced me to look into more database friendly scripts. Since cgi is not nearly as database friendly as php, I have become a php convert!

Once the new site is up I will begin adding data and images of sources. I hope to double the amount of information by the years end!

I have added a new Online History for Wallace Gary Caperton (D-779) which adds to information provided by Troy Caperton on this line. Thanks Gayle! If you want your branch added to the growing list, let me know!

I have also added 5 Caperton's to the Biographies page. The Biographies page has been redesigned to include quick jump links at the top of the page, and since some of the biographies were getting a bit long, the longer ones now have there own page. If you have a "Caperton Biography" that you want added, email me.

I have added several new photographs of former Caperton Homes including Wydridge (thanks Elizabeth) and Gaston Caperton's home (thanks Chris).