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In my own personal archives I have nearly 15,000 pages of documents related to my family history. Many of these documents are already digitized because I either found them that way or they were sent to me that way. However far more are paper, and inconveniently, not a standard size. This got me looking at ways to digitize them so that they could be shared with others, and s backed up as insurance against loss. I started out as I am sure virtually everyone else does by using my "all-in-one" flatbed printer/scanner to make the copies and that was fine for a while, though I was really not thrilled with the quality of the output or the length of time each scan took. I also tried a sheetfeed type scanner from Neat (model NM-1000) that also worked well but had the limitation of not being able to fit larger documents thru it. I next turned to my iphone 5s and Samsung 10.1 2012 Note. These two did not work for me because of a lack of consistency in the output quality. The flash needed to be turned off or there was a bright spot in the image, so I was at the mercy of the existing light which meant each session of document photographing resulted in images of differing light quality.

A new Milestone has been reached at the Caperton Society Website. There are now images of over 2000 original source documents available to assist Caperton's in researching their roots. 2067 to be exact! The collection that pushed us over the top is the WWII 'Old Man' draft records update. Not only were 38 names added to the collection, along with images, but the entire database was reworked to include more extracted data, and links where possible to the Bernard Caperton book" The Caperton Family".
This has been a busy year for the website with the addition of the 1860 and 1870 US Censuses, hundreds of Marriage and Death records added, and the War of 1812 and WWII draft records updating. For details on what has been added or updated you can always click on the "What's Available" link at the bottom of most webpages. The What's Available page has a summary listing of all of the collections and includes the most recent time the collection was updated. I can tell you that 2000 only scratches the surface of what I have available to put online! Each of these new collections does however take a considerable amount of work on my part and I could certainly use help. One of the more important goals in these collections is to include where ever possible, the Henry number from Bernard Caperton's book to help those using the book to locate information on a specific person. If you are interested in helping to research and identify these numbers for the those in the collections without a number please let me know and I can set you up with the needed access. You dont need to be a computer geek to help either. If you can handle the basics of an excel spreadsheet, you can help! The more individuals that help with this the more time I will have to work on new collections and the revision of "The Caperton Family" book!!!!
The 1860 Census has now been added to the Census Collectons. This collection contains 56 census pages along with 219 family members with the surname of Caperton linked to both an original page source and the household. Sortable fields include first name, county, state and household. Simply click the header title at the top of the table to resort the list. The search engine is also available for this collection, enter the keyword in the search box at the top of the page. I have continued the goal of linking as many names as possible to