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Repaired several broken links found on the Ancestral Homes page of the family history side of the site. The photogallery links associated with each home should now go to the homes page of the new photogallery, rather than off into no mans land!

Added several new photos to the USS Caperton side. I still have many photos (both Family and Ship pictures) to add to the new gallery.

I have a new list of former crewmen of the USS Caperton posted. I am now using a cgi script, rather than static tables, to generate the pages. This will allow me to quickly update the list. I still have quite a few names to add. I am also working on creating two separate lists. One for WWII and one for the Korean Confilct.

I have added a new online history for the descendants of John Woods Caperton (C-77). This history was provided by Troy Kent Caperton. Thanks Troy!
I have also added over 30 new photos of USS Caperton reunions to the photogallery with many more to follow!
I have also done some maintenance on various pages including:
*Minor fixes to the Biography page.
*Updated the Site Map to include recently added pages.
*Added CD Book link to USS Caperton main page.
*Mirrored Earl Hawkins site on my server. This is the former CapertonDD650 site.
*Updated the USS Caperton Reunion page.
*Fixed numerous broken links on the USS Caperton stories page.