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9 January 2004 -
New cd book "The Captivity of Margaret Erskine" added to the cd books page now available for purchase.

19 August 2003 -
Added listing of Sailors who served aboard the USS Caperton. Created new page "In the News" for USS Caperton and started off with an article titled "Damn the Torpedoes".

11 August 2003 -
Added listings of Capertons who served in the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

8 July 2003
Added two sets of Bible Pages. Updated the Grants section to include a listing of Virginia Grants relating to Caperton land.

21 May 2003 -
Added a What's Coming and Site Statistics to the What's New page, FINALLY got the DNA Project pages up, added a biography on George Franklin Caperton, added two ancestral homes, The first entry into the Bible Pages section, a couple of photos to the photogallery and a beta version of a search engine for the caperton.info site.

14 May 2003 -
Added scripting to allow visitors to the Projects page to tell a friend about the site via email.

15 April 2003 -
Completed work on the first two CD-Books! They are now available on the cd-books page. Added information about the Caperton that served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force of WWI, Put up an image of my copy of the Caperton Coat of Arms, Added a better description of the history of Elmwood (thanks Chris!), put up MUCH improved images of the Scotland registers of the Capidens in the research section; began a Land Grants page of Land grants pertaining to Capertons', added a couple of new faqs, installed an updated version of the message board software.

21 Feb 2003 -
Added Bedford Caperton biography, 1880 U.S. Census listing for Capertons. Added photo to Photo Gallery. Uploaded 3 online histories including a corrected version Caperton Family History.

19 Feb 2003 -
Fixed broken links for message board and links information. Fixed broken link on What's New page.

6 Jan 2003 -
Created a site map for ease of navigation to the site. Added new information to the famly history page. Added FAQ's and Ancestral Homes page. Added 3 new biographies. Updated the research page. New Caperton origins page. Photos added to the Photo Gallery.

5 Dec 2002 -
The Caperton.info message board is now online! Still cleaning up some of the pages and links from the server failure.

27 Nov 2002 -
Began second major update to site adding biographies and more info to the research page

26 Nov 2002 -
Moved Caperton.info to New Server, back online

25 Nov 2002 -
Webserver failed

25 Sep 2002 -
Revamped Caperton Project page, updated links, fixed broken link on board.html, added Jack Foster Caperton F-22633 online history.

12 Sep 2002 -
Added Photo Gallery to USS Caperton section

11 Sep 2002 -
BCFHB online edition - 7th child of John Caperton added. One to go!

10 Sep 2002 -
William Caperton D-854 family goes online

29 Aug 2002 -
Bernard Caperton family History Book online edition with first 6 children of John Caperton online

15 Aug 2002 -
Site goes online for first time!