John was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1919. He graduated from Asheville High School in Florida in 1938. John received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell in 1942. He also received additional credits for his study in Electrical and Steam Engineering. After four years of service in the Navy as a commissioned Assistant Engineer and Chief Engineer on Destroyers in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Mediterranean, John was discharged in 1946. He married Marion Turner Lambert, whom he had known for many years, and lived in Greenwich, Connecticut. John worked for Wolverine Motor Works in Bridgeport, Connecticut and The Guaranty Trust Company in New York until 1950. He then returned to Louisville as Plant Engineer for Jeff Boat. He also farmed and raised show cattle. John's interests include antique automobiles and railway transportation. He was the President of The Veterans' Motor Car Club for two years and founded the Kentucky and Kyana regional chapters of The Antique Automobile Club of America. Both of John's great grandfathers were presidents of the L & N Railroad; as a result, John was very interested in anything railroad related. He founded and is still President of The Louisville Harrods Creek & Westport Highway Foundation. The Louisville Harrods Creek & Westport Highway Railroad was the intra urban light rail and Amtrak service running along the Glenview cliffs from Louisville to Prospect. John helped found The City of Glenview and continues as a Commissioner