Some of the collections remain offline. This is due to the ongoing upgrade to the website. I have completed most of the technical changes and am now rebuilding each of the 35 collections with a cleaner interface, more Henry number links and higher resolution source images. You can check the Whats Available link at the bottom of the page for the status of the many collections on the site, and as always check the blog page for the latest info on the site!

Welcome to the Collections at The Caperton Society! this is the jumping off point to the many collections available here. The Main Menu to the left will take you to the Eight Major Collections. There are currently over 1000 extracted and over 2000 images of actual source documents, and that number is still less than half of what remains to be placed online. If you have documents you would like to add please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

Caperton History is a collection of information and records on the earliest times of the Caperton name. This includes discussions on the Origins of the Caperton's; Coat of Arm; Historical Sites and Caperton Biographies.

In Writing documents the written record of the Capertons including letters books, magazines and newspaper clipipings, including one newspaper clipping dating back to 1804!.

Photo Gallery presents dozens of photos of Capertons past and present.

Census contains extractions of the US and UK Census. As this collection is added to, I will be including the Henry numbers from The Caperton Family to the census entries as a cross reference

Vital Records provides Land Grants, Birth, Marriage, Death, Obituary, Will and Bible page extractions. Overall, 100's of original documents.

At War collection documents the many Capertons that have been involved in wars of the United States and the world including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, the Civil War and WWI.

Archives If you have joined one of the Projects here at Caperton.info you will also see Archives listed on the menu. The Archives is a restricted area with files to help in the project you are working on.

Note: Where there are divisions within the Main Collection you will find a submenu below the main menu item.


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