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The killing of Adam Caperton

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by William A. Gordon Jr.,

The Killing of Adam Caperton, published in 1918 by William A. Gordon includes. This rare book for which only 100 copies were originally published is now available at the Caperton Society Store!

Included in the book are The killing of Adam Caperton by Indians at "Estill's Defeat" near Mt. Sterling, Kentucky 2 March 1782, A sketch of the Caperton family,The will of Hugh Caperton "Elmwood" (C-24) and a genealogy of Hugh Caperton of "Elmwood" (C-24). 11 photos of Caperton's and William A. Gordon are also included.

Note: this book was produced from a high quality photocopy of the original book 96 pages and 11 photographs.

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The Capertons

by Donald L. Caperton,


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The Capertons first came to America in the 1700’s. This book traces the various Caperton families from their arrival in America down through to today. The first Caperton to America was John Caperton who married Polly Thompson. John and Polly had eight children, four sons and four daughters. Seven of these children moved west, and it is these adventurous people and their families who were in the forefront of the Western migration and settlement of America. Capertons have been leaders in almost every facet of American life; including Senators, Admirals and Colonels. In 1792 George Washington even nominated Hugh Caperton as a Captain in the new Army he was forming! With Bernard M. Caperton’s The Caperton Family, as a starting point, virtually every section has been revised and expanded. Additional sections include the life and times of several descendants including the Life of James Kelly and Hugh Caperton; a treatment on the Capertons of St. Cuthbert Parish in Wells, Sommerset England; a history of Elmwood mansion; and a look at the advances of DNA testing and what it means to tracing Capertons.

At nearly 5800 people identified, there are over 2000 new names in this edition. Finally the Index has been expanded to 70 pages with thousands more names making looking up your family easier than ever!  This is a hard cover book, matching the original size format of 6 x 9. Over 450 pages of Caperton Family History!

Price - $45.00 (Item CAP517)

Family Sketches

by Thomas Boyd FosterFamilySketches
Thomas B. Foster married Eleanor Susan Cowan E-2212, daughter of Elizabeth Caperton and Samuel M. Cowan. This charming little book is full of Foster and Caperton information, and the stories of their settlement in Alabama and trips to Texas are fascinating. Thomas Foster was 83 years old when these "Family Sketches" were published. It is a true and typical account of a family migration from Virginia to Tennessee, and then to Alabama. 6" x 9" format, 48 pages.
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Old Record of the Captivity of Margaret Erskine


This book about The capture of Margaret Erskine (Mother of Jane, who married Hugh "Elmwood" Caperton) by Indians in 1779 is an incredible story. Believed to be written by Senator Allen T. Caperton as told to him by Margaret (his grandmother) the book also includes annotations by Bernard M. Caperton. 6" x 9" format, 46 pages.

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The Annals of Fort Lee

by Roy Bird Cookafl
A history of the military post Fort Lee, erected in 1788 and eventually the site of Charleston, West Virginia. There is a running account of "New River" Hugh Caperton's 1793 tour of duty on the Kanawha and Elk Rivers. This book is a great "Backgrounder" to give you a flavor of the times Hugh Caperton (B-1), the eldest son of our John Caperton, lived in. This is a softcover reprint of the original book, every page is exactly the same, including matching the original size format of 6 x 9. .  124 pages.





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WWII War Diary of the USS Caperton.

This is the largest book project ever undertaken by the Society! The complete diary for the WWII United States Naval Destroyer the USS Caperton.WWII War Diary This Hardbound original edition produced by the Caperton Society contains images of over 700 actual pages of the War Diary from the time of the commissioning of the USS Caperton in July of 1943 until the surrender of the Japanese where the USS Caperton was present. Also included are the Action Reports for the actions the Caperton was involved in. The book includes a table of contents for access to the diary not only by month but also by Action Report. Hardback 8 1/2" x 11" format, 707 pages.

NOTE: This book now ships Postage Free! Due to its size It ships separately of any other books you purchase but does not count towards the shipping of any other purchases.
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USS Caperton Organization Book and Ships Orders

uslThis Book is actually comprised of two separate documents: The Organization Book; and the Ship's Order's. Combined they represent nearly 200 pages of insight into the daily life aboard the Destroyer U.S.S. Caperton.

The Organization and readiness, Administrative Organization which includes Officer and Enlisted assignments, Watches, Mess, Berthing, Cleaning and Fueling; Emergency contingencies such as Fire, Collision, Man Overboard, Scuttling the ship, and Abandon Ship.

The Ship's Orders section contains 54 Orders which instruct on how to deal with everthing from tobacco ashes and butts, to handling of Secret and Confidential mail!



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The 1953 USS Caperton World Cruise

uss2 Edited by Barend Steevels, GM1 

The USS Caperton, named after Admiral William Banks Caperton (E-8531) was a Destroyer built for World War II. Deactivated after the war, only to be reactivated again and used during the Korean conflict. This cruise book takes readers, in text and photos, from Newport RI, to the Far East, through the crew's role in the Korean conflict, and then to ports around the globe as they completed a World Cruise. This book contains some great pictures of both the USS Caperton and her crew. 86 pages.

Long out of print, this Reprint is a high quality Scan of each of the original pages, professionally bound and published in Softcover, in the original 8 1/21 x 11" size.



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