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James Caperton 1871

13 years 6 months ago - 13 years 6 months ago #35 by drLawson
James Caperton 1871 was created by drLawson
You might be able to help one the other Caperton relatives. I had been working on ancestry.com and posted there with the same question. I got a response from him, but they didn't have the information you had for me. They do have a problem that I thought you might be able to help with.
Here it is: "I was trying to trace my James Caperton (b. 1871 Texas) and just could not find any more information. James lived near Grayson, and died in Dallas. His children were named, Archibald Woodie, Wallace Gary, Annie May, Clyde and Robert. At some point James said his father was from Mississippi, but later just said USA. Since I was stuck, I started putting any Caperton's with similar first names in my tree, but they do not actually connect to anyone in my family at this point." Could the James he's looking for be your James? If not, do you know how he would find the information? Thanks.

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13 years 6 months ago #36 by Admiral
Replied by Admiral on topic James Caperton 1871
Having a look into the archives, I see there is a James W. Woodie Caperton born 25 Sept 1871. According to his Death Certificate he died 27 April 1954 in Dallas Texas which I believe meets the specs you gave. The Certificate lists a James Caperton as his father and both James' father and son as born in Texas, though no further info is given. The mothers name is listed as unknown.
Hope this helps!

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11 years 3 months ago #42 by gershwin
Replied by gershwin on topic James Caperton 1871
James Caperton (1862- ) Born in Conway Co., Ark. Lived in San Antonio, Texas 4 children

Father- would have been Andrew Woods Caperton (1835- )

Mother- Harriett Jones. (A descendant, Troy Kent Caperton) proves Jones was Andrew's second wife and he was first married to M.C.R. Griswold. They had 2 children; Josephine and James. Andrew m. 2nd 1865, in Conway Co, Arkansas. Harriet Jones. They had 3 children: Redmon, Mary Elizabeth and Andrew Johnson. Andrew joined the confederate army in Ark. and was a member of the 21st Arkansas Infantry. He moved to TExas about 1875, and to Wilson Co. TExas by 1890. In 1890 we was a pastor of the First Baptist Church in Stockdale, Texas. Andrew's grandfather would have been John Caperton (1802/04 - 1862) and great William Caperton, son of John Caperton/Polly Thompson.
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