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Nancy Swope Russell

6 years 9 months ago #85 by pmoler56
Nancy Swope Russell was created by pmoler56
I have been researching the line of Nancy (Swope) Russell and all evidence is pointing to her being the daughter of George Swope and Mary Caperton.
Nancy Russell applied for bounty land under the act passed 28 September 1850. In the documentation she states that her maiden name is Nancy Swope, she married Samuel Russell 1 Nov 1808 in Franklin County, TN by John Caperton, Esqr. Samuel Russell served in the War of 1812 under Capt George Caperton. Samuel Russell died 11 Sep 1843 in Dallas Co, MO. An Elizabeth Conn (wife of Josiah Conn) provided an affadavit regarding the marriage of Nancy.

The Samuel Russell family can be found in:
1812 - Franklin Co, TN (tax lists)
1820 - Franklin/Lawrence Co, AL
1830 - Rutherford Co, TN
1840 - Polk Co, MO

Nancy Russell is found on the 1850 census District 26, Dallas Co, MO living in the household of Joseph Engle and wife, Lovica (Russell) Engle (Lovica's maiden name is confirmed by the obituary of Joseph Engle). On the census Nancy is 55 years of age (born 1795 in Alabama). The documentation noted above lists her age as 58 in 1851. I have given her a birth year of 1793 as age 15 at time of marriage is more likely than age 13. Believe Nancy died sometime between 1854 (the date on the bounty land warrant) and 1860 as I haven't found her in the 1860 census.

DNA testing has confirmed a distant match to a descendant of Isaac Swope/Soapes (married to Nancy Cooper).

Does anyone have suggestions for records I can look at? I haven't found a will or probate for George Swope and there may not be one if he is living with his son, Joseph Soapes, in the 1830 census.


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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #86 by Admiral
Replied by Admiral on topic Nancy Swope Russell
I have recently been in contact with a Swope researcher and updated much of what is found in Bernard's book with regard to the Swopes. What we do believe is that there was a Nancy Swope that was the 10th child of George Swope and Mary Caperton. Her younger brother James was born in 1801, while her older brother Adam was born in 1796. However.... There is much we don't know with regards to the birthdates of the Children of George and Mary. There is a significant gap between Rhoda b. before 1790 and Adam so Nancy certainly could be placed between them. I like your research on this, it is always refreshing when people provide supporting documentation for their position. If DNA points to Swope then we just need to get Nancy in the same area as her siblings. One concern is the Alabama birthplace. The children of George and Mary were born in WV or VA, with the exception of Isaac who we believe was born in KY. If Nancy Swope Russell married in 1808, she almost certainly would need to be "our" Nancy however I would be more comfortable with a birthdate around 1787-1790. If she married at 15 did the bond mention her being underage? Finally, the order Bernard lists their children is based on three different family lists which while the order varies amongst each list, all three concede that Nancy and Lucy are the youngest daughters.

Just some thoughts
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6 years 7 months ago #87 by pmoler56
Replied by pmoler56 on topic Nancy Swope Russell
Thanks so much for your reply. To date I have not found a marriage bond or record for Samuel Russell and Nancy Swope in Franklin Co, TN. All the information on their marriage was in the bounty land warrant. One interesting item - Nancy listed her name as Swope and Elizabeth Conn in her affadavit listed her name as Nancy Soapes.

The 1820 census lists Nancy as over age 21, the 1830 census lists her age as between 30-39, and the 1840 census lists her age as between 40-49. Birth would be between 1791 to 1800. Without a bible record or other document it is difficult to place her age correctly (and back then they didn't seem nearly as concerned about it as we are today!)

I also have DNA matches with descendants of Catherine Swope and Adam Swope as well as Isaac Swope.

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8 months 4 weeks ago #89 by Janet20
Replied by Janet20 on topic Nancy Swope Russell
Hello Paula, if you log in I can help you in Franklin Co, TN. My ancestor Polly Swope daughter of George Swope and Mary Caperton resided there. Thanks, Janet

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