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The Order of James Caperton's Children

13 years 1 month ago - 9 years 4 months ago #19 by Admiral
Ok here is the research I have done into the order for James Caperton’s children. It is clear from the probate records of James, and his son Thomas that their were indeed 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls, it is stated clearly in the documents so we know that we have that much right. Then using the available census records known information and some basic math I have come up with a new order for James children. This is just a theory so if you have information that can be added please contribute to this thread.

Here is the new order, the dates I picked, their old and new numbering and reasons:

C-81 Mary – 1794 (old C-82)
For Mary I used the 1860 Census. I believe She was probably the first born, it fits the best, but I could be talked out of it.

C-82 John – 1795 (old C-83)
John’s actual birth date of March 4, 1795 seems tough to argue with, though I still have not been able to track down where it came from.

C-83 Samuel – 1795 (old C-85)
I have chosen the date based on the 1860 census. It is possible that he could be the twin of John (unlikely as you would think someone would have mentioned this) or born in December of 1795, but to be honest it would work a lot better if he were born in 1796.To complicate it even more, if you use the 1810 Census then he is most likely the male in the 1785-1794 category. It would sure be nice to find something definitive.

C-84 Elizabeth – 1798 (old C-84)
Like John an actual birth date of Sept 11, 1798 seems tough to argue with. This date comes from her in-laws family history. The Gordons have an incredible amount of info on their family, but the Gordon I am in contact with (Ric Gordon) did not elaborate on where the date came from.

C-85 Matilda 1801-1804 (old C-86)
She was born in 1801 in the 1850 census and 1804 in the 1860 census but it really doesn’t matter which date we go with for the purposes of placing her in the birth order, though I suspect she was probably born in 1801 as her first child, Jonathan B. Stephenson, was born 20 Jun 1820.

C-86 Calloway – 1806 (old C-88)
In the Probate papers where Calloway give personal written testimony, he states he is 38. The testimony is dated 1844. Calloways memory is good enough for me! It does however cause consternation among those of us who liked the fact that we were descended from the youngest of the youngest!

C-87 Susan – After 1806 (old C-87)
This date is taken from the Gordon Genealogy with the same caveat as Elizabeth who married into the same Gordon family where she is reportedly born about 1806. But I would think it would be after 1806 and before 1810 as Calloway's birth date is pretty solid, and the 1810 census shows two females 0-10 years of age (the other female would be Susan's sister Matilda). Unfortunately she died in 1829 so there are no other census records to confirm her age

C-88 Thomas H. – 1811 (old C-81)
It is clear from the Legal documents that we have that Thomas H. is indeed a son of James. Furthermore he did have a son he named Thomas as well. Bernard just has it a little wrong in that the Thomas H he identifies as C-81 did not exist and the person he identified as the Son of C-81 is really the Son of James. It is also pretty clear from the legal docs that Thomas H. was probably born around 1811 as his friend identifies him as that age. In order for him to be born ~1811 he really needs to be the youngest, not the oldest. As for the Thomas H. x Nellie Hendron. I have looked at the actual Madison Co. Kentucky Index and it does clearly say Caperton. However I have also looked at the actual BOND that the index refers to and it clearly states that Thomas H. Carpenter married Nellie Hendron.
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11 years 6 months ago #41 by Le1928
I am new to the Caperton Society website and trying to understand how to communicate. I am a decendent of James Caperton through Matilda Caperton who married William A. Stephenson mu ggggrandfather. I have much information on the Stephenson family and would like to know what information the Society has on Matilda. I would appreciate any guideance on how to share this information with other members. I am also an Ancestry member and there are over three thousand Tree's for James Caperton which I have only researched two but not much on Matilda. Thanks Tom Lee

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