These pages come from the Bible of Hugh Caperton and Jane Erskine Caperton. There are also four pages included here, of information on the Caperton slaves found in the Bible of Allen T. Caperton. These slaves probably lived at Elmwood, in Union West Virginia, and owned first by Hugh Caperton and later by Allen T. Caperton.

Other family names included in the Bible pages are Alexander, Beirne, Echols, Erskine, Preston, and Steenbergen.

Page 1 Marriages
Marriages of:
Hugh Caperton and Jane Erskine
Elizabeth Caperton and William Steenbergen
Margaret Caperton and Oliver Beirne
Hugh Caperton and Delilah Beirne
Allen T. Caperton and Harriet Echols
Michael Beirne and Oliver Beirne birth information

Page 2 Births
Births of Hugh and Jane Caperton and their children Elizabeth, Lewis, Allen Taylor, Margaret, William, John, and Hugh

Page 3 Births and Deaths
Births of Children of Hugh and Jane Caperton Mary Jane, Sarah Ann Deaths of Hugh Caperton, Elizabeth Caperton, Jane Caperton, Betth Caperton, WIlliam Steenbergen, Margaret Beirne, Delilah B. Caperton, Henry Caperton

Page 4 Deaths
Deaths of numerous Capertons and related family members. Most include relationships (son of, child of wife of etc.)

Lists of Caperton Slaves
Page 5 - Judy's Family
Page 6 - Elisa's Family
Page 7 - Maria's Family and Martha's Family
Page 8 - Minerva's Family and Minney's Family