This is called the Caperton Perkins Bible by the owner. Some of the writing is very difficult to read. We are fortunate however that Marcia Behnke has graciously transcribed the pages. The information for the pages is as follows:

Birth page

Left Column
Sarah T. Caperton was born the 11th day of August 1833
Samuel T. Lewis the first son of James and Sarah T. Lewis was born the 19th day of June 1851
James Franklin Caperton was born January 2, AD 1829
Jesse Perkins was born September 24, AD 1805 died 1881 4th Sept.
Wm. H. Williams was born Februrary 22nd AD 1823
L. R. Williams was born November 4th AD 1823
Right Column
Ryan Caperton was borne in the year of our Lord 1801 October the 16
Ollevigane Caperton was borne in the year of our Lord 1826 June the 18
(This is Olivia Jane Caperton)

Deaths page 1

Sarah T. Lewis died the 15 day of August 1853
James Franklin Caperton departed this life December 12th in the year of our Lord 1864
Samuel T. Lewis was barbarously murdered by Savages on the 9th day of July 1870 aged 19 years and 20 days
Nov. 16th 1860
This is to certify that Samuel Lewis is the best in Fourth Spelling
R. A. King
(At the bottom it is difficult to read but I think it says Montane Co. Tex and I do not know if it means anything or not.)

Deaths page 2

Jessie Perkins departed this life Sep. 4 1881
Ryan Caperton departed this life June 8, 1886
Lucretia Caperton died April 16 1836


Elizabeth An Caperton was born in the year 1822 January the 24 and was Married in April the 11 1843
Mary T. Caperton born in the year 1831 April the 15
Next Column
Sarah T. Caperton was married the 1st day of March 1850