There are now over 200 original documents online at Caperton.info! This combined with over 500 extracted records brings the total of source information to over 700 records. The most recent additions are in the Newspaper clippings and Obituary collections of the In Writing section. But this is still only the beginning as I still have a large number of letters, newspaper clippings and Obituraies to scan and post.

One of the more interesting newspaper clippings I have posted involves Fred and Victor Caperton, brothers who not only burned down City hall, but shot two deputies (one of which dies) in their attempted escape. The plot is even more interesting as Victor manages to escape and remains on the lamb for nearly 3 years before his capture! I have done some research and discovered that Fred goes on to marry and have a family. Victor however is never heard from again once he is recaptured. Perhaps justice with a rope? To read all about it, login and check out the newspaper clippings.