I have located the files of two men who married into the Caperton family that served in the Revolutionary war. James Kelly's, whose file is 31 pages in size, married Nancy Caperton (B-5) and Joshua Townsend, whose file is 32 pages in size) married Elizabeth Caperton (B-6). I have added a new menu link in the At War section and started adding pages from these files to the site. Remember though that you will need to be logged in to see the listing of pages.

While we are on the subject of Elizabeth Caperton, I thought I would provide an update of where I am at. I have located 168 descendants of the Elizabeth Caperton x Joshua Townsend marriage. I am currently putting together a Family Tree so that I can add it to the site. It will probably be a few weeks yet, but I certainly hope to have it up by the middle of August.