I have completed cleaning up, correcting and adding the last of the Virgina Grants to the VA Grants pages. There are now 81 pages of documents in that Collection. In the initial publishing of those documents, only the first page was published. I have now corrected this oversight. I will continue to refine the individual pages but at least for now all of the documents are correct.

I have also added a few bible pages thanks to donors of these documents. I have a few left to publish but I could really do with additional contributions in this area. If you have family bibles with this information and would like to share with others, please scan and send them!

I have also added several pages of updates in the Book Project Corrections/updates pages. I have received quite a bit of help in this area from MC Forrister, so Thanks!

Finally I would like to encourage everyone to make use of the forum on this website. It really is the best way to reach a large audience. you never know who may have the answer to a question you have been working to solve for a very long time!