The Caperton Society Publishing Dept. has added two new books to the store! The first is a reprint of the "Old Record of The Captivity of Margaret Erskine" this is the version annotated by Bernard Caperton. The book is about The capture of Margaret Erskine (Mother of Jane, who married Hugh "Elmwood" Caperton) by Indians in 1779,and is an incredible story. Believed to be written by Senator Allen T. Caperton as told to him by Margaret (his grandmother) the book also includes annotations by Bernard M. Caperton. 6" x 9" format, 46 pages. The Second release is a reprint of the 1953 Cruise Book of the USS CAPERTON. Edited by Barend Steevels, GM1 The USS Caperton, named after Admiral William Banks Caperton (E-8531) was a Destroyer built for World War II. Deactivated after the war, only to be reactivated again and used during the Korean conflict. This cruise book takes readers, in text and photos, from Newport RI, to the Far East, through the crew's role in the Korean conflict, and then to ports around the globe as they completed a World Cruise. This book contains some great pictures of both the USS Caperton and her crew. 86 pages. These are actual bound softcover books, NOT electronic copies on a CD.