Great News! I have just received from the printers, the first batch of the softcover printing of The Caperton Family by Bernard Caperton. This is a reprint of the original book including all the pages and photos. Special thanks go to Bernard Caperton's daughters who authorized this reprint of the copyrighted original. The book is softcover to hold down the publishing cost. To have it reprinted in hardback was going to cost over $45.00 each. I have purchased a quantity sufficient to bring the cost of the softcover down to a bit less than $24.00 which includes shipping it USPS Priority Mail of $4.90. If you are interested please click on the 'Store' link in the top menu.

Also - I just sent out the first of what I hope will be a quarterly Caperton newsletter. This electronic version went out to everyone that I had current email addresses for. If you did not get a copy of it and are not registered, then by all means register and you will get the next one. If you ARE registered and did NOT get a copy of if then check your email spam filters and set them to allow email from the @caperton.info domain. Also if you are registered, once you sign in you can view current and past issues of the newsletter by clicking on the Login/Profile link in the top menu. Once you click that link you should see a menu appear to the left that has a "Newsletters" link.