The DNA Project pages have been updated to show the results of the DNA samples submitted so far. This Project is off to a good start. We have descendants from Adam and James but would like to see more from all of John's children. And if there are any Caperton's from England lurking out there, it would be GREAT to hear from some of you! I also have two more individuals that have requested information so it is starting to roll! If you want more information on this project, check out the project page and if you have questions use the link there to email me. Note that to see the results pages and the DNA Tree you will need to log in first. As for the 1810 Census, I have finally overcome at least partially a technical issue that was preventing me from linking the census extration to the image of the census page. I have developed a work around that for now will let you view the page by clicking on the thumbnail on the far right of the entry. I also have the images for the 1820 Census and hope to get that extracted and posted soon.