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Right up front let me apologize for the continuing movement of the Menu links. However, in my defense some of these moves are based on feedback from you! In trying to simplify the menu links I am combining areas that make sense and renaming others. For example "The Caperton Project" has been renamed to "The Book Project" because that's really what it is. I have also renamed the "Caperton Research" link to "Our History" since that more closely matches what those pages represent.

I am also trying to combine and eliminate links because there are just too many. As such, the CD Books link and the Forms link will be combined into a Store link. Don't worry though, the forms were provided to me free and they will stay free. Finally I am going to move all of the source records (Photo Gallery, US Census, Vital Records etc) under an umbrella link call "Collections". For those of you that have continued to read this far, I will reward you by letting you know that there is a pretty major change coming to the site soon, including a new look for the DNA and Book Projects and perhaps even taking the site to the next level (think about that one....). Let me know what you think. Enter your comments using the link below!

I just added another family tree to the site, and I am nearly done rebuilding the Nancy Caperton tree (there was an oops moment when I upgraded the site (note to self: ALWAYS back up....) this will place an even dozen on the site using the new family tree viewing software.

If you would like me to add your tree to the growing forest just drop me a line, I would be happy to add it. Also want to let everyone know that the software I am using for the family trees allows the information to be editied online! this means that if you want to submit a family tree to me and then also update it periodically, I can assign editorial privledges to you and you can go in and make updates and changes whenever you like!

Realizing that there are probably too many menu items and too many links, I have been working thru cleaning up and simplifying the menus. I think the changes I have made today make more sense now. Also I have made the family trees a little easier to get to and it now looks similar to the old site. Just go click on Caperton Project from the main menu then Family Trees from the top menu and you should see the listing of the family trees.